When Purchasing Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Must Pay Attention To?

Galvanized steel wire rope is divided into two categories: cold galvanized steel wire rope and hot galvanized steel wire rope. Hot galvanized and cold galvanized in the process of this essential difference between the hot galvanized by the physical thermal diffusion to form a coating, the first formation of iron-zinc compounds, one by one in the iron-zinc compound surface pure zinc layer. While the highest value of zinc on hot zinc plating, but also 593g / m2. Hot galvanized will reduce the mechanical properties of steel wire, requiring high strength and high corrosion resistance of galvanized steel wire rope, and more use of galvanized steel wire twisting.

Galvanized steel wire rope and cold galvanized steel wire rope The essential difference is: hot-dip galvanized zinc layer and cold galvanized compared to zinc-iron alloy layer, corrosion resistance better. Hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope surface because the hot-plated zinc-iron alloy, so his color to black. And the plating surface is not a chemical reaction, or the true color of zinc, looks relatively bright.

Under normal circumstances, hot-dip galvanized zinc layer to be thicker, better corrosion resistance. Galvanized zinc layer is relatively thin, poor corrosion resistance. (Unless the galvanized zinc layer also reaches the level of thick zinc)

The following is our users concerned about the problem, in the end is the plated wire rope is good, or hot-plated wire rope is good? Can not be generalized to see what you use for. For example, the support pipe in the water pipe, or better plating, good-looking, the cost is low; if it is the power tower, it should be hot galvanized. Because the hot-dip galvanized corrosion resistance, you can use three or four decades.

Because the surface of zinc content, although the high zinc plating, but because of the hot-dip galvanized steel wire surface with a layer of zinc-iron alloy, its corrosion resistance is much higher than the cold galvanized steel wire rope. At present the market are generally galvanized wire rope, because the hot and cold plating, dealers sell hot plating low profits, sell good, but the galvanized steel wire rope in the air of anti-corrosion ability is one year or so. But the hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope corrosion resistance long. From the appearance to distinguish the words, cold galvanized steel wire rope looks relatively bright, look better, but the appearance of hot-dip galvanized steel wire black.

Therefore, you purchase galvanized steel wire rope when you must pay attention. In fact, cold galvanized steel wire corrosion resistance is not as smooth finish oil. In fact, the price of light wire rope 8000.00 / ton basis, then cold galvanized will add 1000.00 tons, hot plating in this basic increase of 1,000.00 tons. So I suggest that manufacturers and brokers to do this hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope, in fact, many users do not know this principle. As a special wire rope industry leader to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, harmonious development, so that the wire rope to produce greater benefits, so that our environment as little as possible damage.