What Is The Standard Of Galvanized Steel Wire Rope In The Slope Protection Net?

Slope protection is the most important in recent years, landslides and landslides is the culprit to destroy their homes, and the rock falling stone is also very dangerous, if the passage of time when people fall easily hurt people's personal safety, so the slope The protective net is a protective product that every mountain area should have. Each product will have its own life, and the slope protection network is also true, especially outside the protective net galvanized steel wire rope, the role of the protection in the whole is very important, then galvanized steel wire rope is the standard?

Galvanized steel wire rope in the slope of the standard slope protection network used in a period of time after the galvanized steel wire rope need to be invalid is the standard requirements of the national standard, according to the occupation is not the same as a crane for waste specifications, elevator rope Obsolete norms, important use of rope off the standard, usually used for obsolescence norms,

From the qualitative point of view usually two kinds of goals, one cross-sectional area is lost (broken pull loss), that galvanized steel wire rope through corrosion, wear and tear caused by the loss of cross-sectional area; Second, galvanized wire rope resistance target decreased, To reach a certain extent after the galvanized steel cord tensile strength is not lost, the tolerance target has reached the same as the obsolete to be invalid, if the continuous use of rope through the pulley or roller caused broken rope, the rope at the moment has been close to the rod-like, can not afford to pull the load can not afford Twists and turns, so simply galvanized steel wire rope cross section and lost or broken pull loss to determine whether the void is accurate.