The Purpose Of The Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

Can be used in the advanced areas such as construction, transport, binding, traction, strapping, used for shipping, offshore oil exploration, aircraft and Marine fishing manipulation, net, net, net fishery aspects, such as home.
Galvanized steel wire rope of the commonly used sisal rope ever and jute, but because of these materials on the job easy adsorption of acid, alkali, water and other corrosive, caused the inner wire early corrosion broken wires, use polypropylene rope.
Of galvanized steel wire rope twist and common circular strands wire rope is the same, but according to working conditions, steel wire rope used for steel wire of the zinc layer thickness of material have different requirements: 0.2 ~ 5.0 mm in diameter of the monitor and the I number of galvanized steel wire rope, plating thickness can be divided into three groups: thin coating on zinc amount for 15 ~ 135 g/m2, for mild corrosive conditions; On zinc coating group in the amount of 60 ~ 200 g/m2, used for medium corrosion conditions; Thick galvanized zinc group of 75 ~ 260 g/m2, used in severe corrosion conditions. In order to ensure the quality of the steel wire rope, steel wire galvanized layer surface should be smooth and complete, uniform and firm. When spiraling galvanized steel wire winding 5 or 10 times the diameter of steel wire diameter mandrel, zinc layer should not fall off or crack. Corrosion resistant ability of the galvanized layer, also should make a corresponding test.