The Composition Of Steel Wire Rope

Steel wire
Wire rope in use process need to bear the role of alternating load, its using performance
Is mainly composed of steel wire surface status and mechanical properties, steel wire rope structure decision. Wire material include carbon steel or alloy steel by cold drawn or cold rolled, steel wire cross section is round or abnormity type (T S Z), special-shaped cross-section wire is mainly used for production line, has high tensile strength and toughness, and the appropriate surface treatment of steel wire to meet the needs of different environmental conditions.
A rope
Rope's main role is to support rope, in order to achieve stable cross-sectional structure. Rope core including the steel core and fiber core, fiber core including natural fiber core and synthetic fibre core, natural fiber core such as sisal hemp, jute, cotton, etc., synthetic fiber core including polyethylene and polypropylene filament. Can store more natural fiber core grease for wire rope lubrication effect and prolong the service life of wire rope.
Wire rope twist in the process of spraying grease, its main function has two, first, to slow the abrasion of steel wire surface lubrication of wire rope, second, the grease can be wire surface from the oxygen in the air, oxidation corrosion inhibiting effect for steel wire rope happened.