The Classification Of Steel Wire Rope

According to the material classification
1. Carbon steel wire rope to twist is made from high quality carbon structural steel wire as raw materials.
2. Stainless steel wire rope, stainless steel wire as raw materials manufacturing twist
According to the classification of surface state
1.The phosphating coating wire rope (China patent), referred to as "phosphating steel wire rope, wire rope phosphating film membrane heavy 3-60 g/square meter, twist after phosphating cold-drawn steel wire not before processing, direct twist cord, steel core, and steel wire rope, phosphating film can improve the surface of wire rope wear resistance, corrosion resistance ability, effectively restrain the occurrence of fretting fatigue. Rope wire phosphating, preferred department or zinc manganese phosphating, steel wire after phosphating without any drawing processing, direct use of phosphating steel twist wire rope, because of the phosphating coating surface of steel wire is more wear-resisting, use phosphating line service life is 2-3 times that of smooth steel wire, steel wire rope fatigue resistance increased significantly.
2. Galvanized steel wire rope, including hot galvanizing and two kinds of methods, galvanized zinc layer protection for steel wire belong to the anode, the galvanized layer is thick anticorrosion ability is stronger
3. Plastic coated steel wire rope, on the external surface of the steel wire rope or cord surface coated with a certain thickness of plastic, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, etc
4. Smooth steel wire after heat treatment and surface preparation of raw material after cold drawn wire rope (note: in the process of pretreatment of phosphating film and wire drawing die in the process of cold drawn intense friction gradually fall off), wire through any surface treatment directly no longer twist cord, steel core and wire rope, foreign production began in 1834, domestic 1939 tianjin first rope factory to start production