Selection Criteria And Accounting Of Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

Galvanized steel wire rope selection criteria and the calculation of the diameter of the wire rope should be in accordance with GB / T13752-92 tower crane design specifications related to the request, in order to facilitate the use of production, the following will be some experience and approximate formula introduced to us.

Galvanized steel wire rope in the course of the work by stretching, twists and turns, kneading, with silk and silk between the relative friction between the internal force stress situation is more messy, so the tower crane wire rope is also more messy accounting, I introduced here selection of wire rope Of the first few criteria:

1. Have to meet the tensile ability.

2. Have a high wear resistance.

3. Flexural strength is better.

4. Must have the ability to meet the impact.

5. Lifting wire rope should be used without rotating wire rope

6. In the corrosion of the larger environment galvanized wire rope.

Tower crane hanging should pay attention to is:

① hook wire rope to think when the structure of the force point and wire rope point of view, orientation.

② think of hanging tower crane parts, the center of gravity to slow, the center of gravity as low as possible.

③ part of the force to be real.

④ do not lift the tower crane when lifting too much. Think about the frictional force between the components.

Due to the structure of the Steel wire rope is not the same, these functions have a corresponding change, if the wire rope used in the wire diameter increases, the tensile strength and wear resistance can be improved, but the anti-tortuous function is reduced, if the wire rope diameter reduction, The rope bending function is improved, but the tensile and abrasion resistance is reduced, so the rope in the lifting operation is generally used as follows: 6 * 19 wire rope used as cable rope and cable, the operation is not twists and turns, but perhaps Was worn, 6 * 37 wire rope, used for pulley block, as a round belt around the pulley and lifting rope, to accept twists and turns. 6 * 61 wire rope, for the pulley group, for the sling and banding lifting components.