Safety Factor Of Elevator Steel Wire Rope

Elevator Steel Wire Rope is the name suggests, is used in the elevator on the wire rope, with the largest small manned elevator, in the commercial residential area, Elevator Steel Wire Rope specifications models generally use 8 * 19S + FC-8mm, 8 * 19S + FC-10mm.

Mainly with 10mm, 8mm is mainly auxiliary rope. While the mall is slightly larger with the elevator rope specifications is 12mm, 13mm, shopping malls lift Elevator Steel Wire Rope specifications are 12mm, 13mm, 16mm diameter.

1, double steel double strength, 45 steel, 65 steel, 1370N / mm2, 1770Mpa

2, single steel, single strength, 65 steel, 1770N / mm2. Elevator rope rope according to national standards are sisal and PPC synthetic fiber, high-speed Elevator Steel Wire Rope specifications Model 8 * 19S +8 * 7 + pp, 8 * 19S +8 * 7 + 1 * 19

The safety factor of the Elevator Steel Wire Rope is the ratio between the minimum breaking load of a wire rope and the maximum force of the wire rope when the car with the rated load is docked at the lowest level. The safety factor of the hoisting wire rope is in any case Should not be less than the following:

(1) for a towing elevator with three or more wire ropes of 12;

(2) for the use of two wire rope traction elevator for 16;

(3) for the reel drive for 12;

⑷ wire rope nominal diameter of not less than 8mm;

(5) the diameter of the traction wheel or pulley: not less than 40 times the nominal diameter of the hoisting rope;

⑹GB8903--1988 <Elevator Steel Wire Rope> regulations, the use of Elevator Steel Wire Rope: 6 × 19S + NF or 8 × 19S + NF wire rope

Performance requirements for Elevator Steel Wire Rope

⒈ strength requirements of the elevator traction rope strength with static load safety factor to measure.

The formula: Κ = ρn / Τ

Where K - represents the static load factor;

ρ - wire rope breaking tension;

n - the number of wire ropes;

T - the maximum load force acting on the car side wire rope;

For K static load factor, (China) passenger ladder is greater than 12 (debris elevator greater than 10), Japan provides more than 10.

⒉ wear resistance

⒊ flexible flexibility to reduce the bending of the rope when the stress, which will help extend the service life.

⒋ wire rope marking method

8X (19) - 13--1300 right cross

Where 8 - the number of strands

The outline of the X-Rope is outside

(19) --- the number of wires in the rope

13 --- Nominal diameter of steel wire rope (mm)

1300 --- Tensile strength of wire rope (N / mm2)

Right turn --- wire rope in the rope or rope in the rope for the right cross twist direction.