Phosphating Treatment Of Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

Galvanized steel wire rope suddenly broken the consequences of light is destroyed, heavy people hurt. The extended service life of galvanized steel wire means safety, reliability and economy. Phosphating is a good way to increase the life of galvanized steel wire rope, that is, the formation of a layer of phosphating film on the surface of Galvanized Steel Wire Rope, phosphating film porous structure can increase the grease in the wire rope surface storage capacity, Friction factor to promote the sliding, delay the occurrence of micro-damage wire surface, inhibit the initiation of fatigue micro-cracks, thereby greatly extending the life of galvanized steel wire rope.

Phosphating treatment is widely used in automotive, light industry, chemicals, electrical appliances, defense and other areas of friction.

Phosphorus phosphating in accordance with the composition of phosphating solution can be divided into alkali metal phosphate, iron phosphate, zinc phosphide, manganese phosphate, zinc calcium phosphate, zinc manganese phosphate and organic phosphating. The main function of the phosphating film of the steel wire for the galvanized steel wire rope is to improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the steel wire surface and to increase the storage capacity of the grease on the surface of the steel wire and to work with the applied grease to reduce the friction factor , It is preferred to use manganese-based phosphate, followed by zinc-manganese phosphate. At the same time require a high rate of phosphating, so as to produce fine diameter wire rope when there is sufficient scale of production. In addition, high temperature phosphating and electrolytic phosphating per unit area can be used to increase the phosphating speed. Shorten the reaction time.

The steel wire in the process of phosphating will be part of the material is dissolved, phosphate film thickness of 3-15g / m2, after the diameter of the steel wire is almost unchanged; phosphating film membrane weight more than 20g / m 2 when the wire diameter increase But also very limited, the mechanical properties of steel wire before and after phosphate no significant change. Phosphating film weight can be in accordance with the corresponding national standard GB / T9792-2003 metal materials on the conversion film per unit area of the film quality measurement method for weight detection. For the twisted after the galvanized galvanized steel wire rope product dismantling test rope wire phosphating film weight, you can first use organic solvents on the surface of the grease coated with steel thoroughly cleaned, dried by the above-mentioned weight method of determination of phosphate film Membrane weight can be.

Steel phosphating, the general will produce phosphating wastewater. So the phosphating steel wire production line at the same time must be the expansion of the original wastewater treatment system. After the wastewater treatment, some can be used for reuse; part of the national standard GB 8978-1996 in line with the relevant requirements of the treated wastewater can be directly discharged.