How To Improve The Fatigue Life Of Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

In the course of the use of the failure of the form of failure, not only to the user serious economic losses, but also cause significant casualties. From the practical application, to improve the galvanized galvanized steel wire rope fatigue life measures are:

1, raw materials and semi-finished products

1) requirements of the wire surface can not have obvious scratches, folding, flash and micro-cracks and other defects.

2) wire and steel surface of the decarburization layer is extremely weak strength of the site, the general requirements of the thickness of not more than 1.5% of diameter.

3) require raw materials (high-speed wire) in the completion of hot-rolled control, the microstructure to sorbite-based (volume fraction of 85%), the rest must be pearlite.

4) In order to ensure the corrosion resistance of galvanized galvanized steel wire rope, the most commonly used protection method for steel wire rope is galvanized when used in the way of plating.

2, drawing process

1) the development of wire drawing process, you must carefully select the semi-finished steel wire size tolerance and oval.

2) reasonable choice of pass compression rate, to meet the premise of production efficiency, the use of multi-pass small compression rate process.

3) to ensure adequate cooling and lubrication, to prevent surface scratches and pull the temperature rise is too high caused by plastic decline.

4) galvanized galvanized steel wire rope in different layers of steel wire strength and chemical composition with a certain requirement. The carbon content of the outer wire should be slightly lower than that of the inner wire so that it has good toughness and the manganese content can be slightly higher to increase abrasion resistance and not break easily.

3, design control

1) control the stock with the wire, the rope within the strut tension to the residual stress distribution.

2) to minimize or control the wire and rope in the twisting equipment in the friction when walking, so as to control the tension and to ensure its surface quality.

3) the correct design, processing and rational use of pre-deformer, otherwise, will affect the contact pressure between the wire, resulting in changes in stress balance, but also cause the surface of the wire or strand abrasions, increase surface defects.

4) Pre-tensioning. When the pre-tension for the breaking force of 40% -50%, to improve its fatigue life is best, the role of time in 2h or more to get the best results.

5) post-processing. After the completion of twisting, galvanized galvanized steel wire rope forging or compaction, can improve its fatigue life.

4, the correct use

1) Note the matching galvanized galvanized steel wire rope used in the material, hardness, groove shape and size and processing accuracy.

2) keep well and properly lubricate.

3) Use within a reasonable temperature range.

4) attention to the environment, the impact of the media.