How About Steel Wire Galvanizing Line Continuous Hot Plating And Electroplating Two Ways

Electric galvanized (see electric galvanized wire) is through additional power supply, power deposition method for coating, the coating is composed of fine pure zinc grain. Hot dip galvanized (see steel wire galvanizing) is to rely on the physical "formed by the thermal diffusion coating, iron a zinc compounds, forming first, one after another in a zinc compound generated on the surface of pure iron zinc layer. In theory, can obtain arbitrary thickness of galvanized zinc layer. Practical on galvanized zinc volume up to 1200 g/m2. , general electric galvanized zinc layer quantity is up to 750 g/m2.
And hot dip galvanized zinc peak also however 593 g/m2.. Galvanized, can reduce the mechanical properties of steel wire for high strength and high corrosion resistance of galvanized steel wire rope, use electric galvanized steel wire twisting system more.