Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Drawing Process Need To Pay Attention To The Problem

Drawing is galvanized steel wire rope production process will experience a part of the operation, and in the staff drawing when the need to pay attention to what kind of problem?

When we work with our staff, try to keep the water flow between the inside of the drum and the mold box, and if the wire has been cooled and the water is broken, the operation of the vehicle should be stopped. Under normal circumstances, the mold box temperature temperature can not exceed 50 degrees Celsius, and the tank inside the lubricating fluid is also required to maintain the state of circulation, the temperature of the lubricating fluid can not exceed 75 degrees Celsius, each shift need to conduct a check.

When we are drawing, we should pay attention to the strict compliance with the order of operation. It is not possible to operate in a way of jumping. The diameter of the wire on the wire rope should also be carefully checked and can be retained within the permissible deviation. But if its diameter has exceeded the provisions of the scope of the error, it should be replaced in a timely manner, can not continue to put into the next operating line.

With the development of science and technology, galvanized steel wire rope manufacturers continue to increase in our country there are many such companies, the industry competition is quite intense, then how to compete in the development of many companies must do homework.

First of all, we should pay attention to the quality of the product, only a good quality to ensure that the company's sales, to be able to retain customers. And then is to focus on new product research and development, the market demand is ever-changing, immutable things can easily be eliminated, and only continue to improve product performance in order to gain a foothold in the market. Finally, we should pay attention to the company's publicity and promotion, know more people, customers will increase, which is the needs of modern social and economic development.

With the development of industrial production, galvanized steel wire rope product types are gradually diversified, in the course of the use of people more choices, then how to buy a kind of economical and easy to use it, the following said The

First of all, before buying, to clear their own purposes, such as the general use of goods used to transport the structure is relatively simple, if the use of the upgrade with the mine can be used in three stocks or face contact which will be better, if the work Need to balance the function of the words then choose flat wire better. And then also according to the work of mild to choose the appropriate type, you can choose different load capacity. Finally, in the election time to choose well-known manufacturers of galvanized steel wire rope, so that better quality, higher safety factor, longer life.