China's Most Strong Wire Rope Passed The Test

On December 15, the reporter learned that, 158 mm diameter wire rope smoothly through the national product quality supervision and inspection center performance test, this is the center of large mechanical properties test base since the opening of the diameter of wire rope, and domestic current detection qualified breaking force maximum diameter of wire rope.

Test base wire rope products by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and xianyang gem steel pipe steel rope co., LTD. Haimen branch cooperation, is China's first approved wire rope product large mechanical properties test base. Test base is located in haimen, marked the our country has a large diameter wire rope detection ability, for the country to the national important occasions with a large mechanical properties of wire rope inspection tasks, will also carry out product technical standard and test method of research, advanced test and inspection technology will be metal products industry radiation to broader product areas, in order to promote our country the development of large metal products industry products.

According to understand, test base is equipped with domestic comprehensive detection capacity of up to 2000 tons tensile testing machine, this machine is the domestic steel wire rope, rigging manufacturing industry giant dedicated testing equipment, has a large tensile tonnage, large sample length, test large travel and high precision, control level, can satisfy the conventional large diameter steel wire rope, wire rope and big rig performance testing. The testing base has been certified by the national certification and accreditation supervision and administration commission and CNAS three-in-one qualification.