The Advantages Of Unbonded Steel Strand In Use

The most commonly used Steel Strand is galvanized steel strand and unbonded steel strand, commonly used unbonded Steel Strand diameter in the 9.53mm-17.8mm range, a small amount of thicker diameter strand. Each unbonded Steel Strand in the wire is generally 7, there are two, three and 19, the wire can have a metal or non-metallic coating. Coated with anti-corrosive grease or paraffin wrapped in HDPE called unbonded Steel Strand. So when you buy strand should pay attention to the above problems. Tianjin Chunpeng Steel Wire Co., Ltd. is in accordance with the modern enterprise system set up a large steel strand manufacturers, products with or without bonding Steel Strand, mining strand, Chunpeng steel wire and so on.

Unbonded steel strand in the wiring process can produce an important protective effect, not in the use of electrical equipment in the process of causing some damage to people, affecting life and health. Copper package unbonded steel wire in the wiring process in the strict use of the standard, the normal 3 plug specifications are: left zero line, right line of fire, the above is the earth, if the dormitory or corridor outside can find a wall plug is inserted Hole, it is very easy to do if the dormitory wall plug only 2 jack, then there is no place to the earth. Zero line absolutely can not ground line. The most simple way to traditional electrician is the water pipe and heating pipe when the earth They are all buried underground. But this is the previous method, and now the pipeline has a surface coating. Want to then the earth, you must first measure the grounding resistance is small enough. High-rise residential users even with water pipes or gas pipeline to do grounding, this approach Quite dangerous. Because the surface of the water pipe and gas pipeline are coated with anti-corrosion coating, in addition, the tap water pipe joints are made with a plastic raw material to do a sealed treatment, and some water pipe underground part of the PVC pipe is used, and these are bad Conductor, there is no security at all. With gas pipeline to do grounding, if the accident, the consequences will be disastrous.