Instructions regarding the installation of the steel wire rope

1, the steel wire rope in the installation and cut to length line shaft should be flat on the scaffold, in the direction of the rolling wheel round the side logo to put a rope, clockwise to avoid the wire rope to produce internal stress as I want.
2, installation construction should avoid wire rope on the surface with hard tool wear and scratches and sundry, otherwise can cause loss of tractive sheave and wire rope.
3, when installing a steel wire rope, the free trailer should try to shorten the time, otherwise the wire rope can produce free rotation due to its own gravity, even damage of steel wire rope twist system parameters, cause the local relaxation of steel wire rope, wire rope in stock instead of steel wire rope core stress at work, first make hemp core damage, thus severely reduce the service life of wire rope.
4, after the wire rope when installation should fully eliminate the internal stress of steel wire rope (i.e., full of "sex"), then fixed on both ends of the wire rope. To avoid the wire rope in rotating or deformation occurring in the operation of the local stress concentration phenomenon of elevator running is not smooth, the tractive sheave and shorten the service life of wire rope.
5, after installation of wire rope, must be carefully adjusted and the tension of wire rope. In use should check the wire rope tension and timely adjust at any time.
6, as very important in the elevator wire rope safety parts, elevator companies design and manufacture of the elevator according to the standard configuration of different technical requirements of steel wire rope, must choose when to replace with the original design of matching wire rope tractive sheave. When replacing traction wheel must choose to meet the requirements of the original design products, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.
7, in the old modernization when the steel wire rope, it should be replaced at the same time traction wheel, on tractive sheave groove or processing, or it will because the tractive sheave wheel groove and the steel wire rope is not consistent with original tractive sheave and wear between wire rope and skid phenomenon. Replace the steel wire rope, it must be used by each elevator wire rope replacement at the same time.